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Welcome to the First Unitarian Church of Dallas Sunday Sermon Podcast! We are a community that is genuinely inclusive, rationally spiritual, and joyfully deep, and we are happy to have you here.

Nov 13, 2017

Today's sermon looks at the prophets in our lives, not as a clairvoyant, or a psychic but more akin to a namer, someone who is called to look and discern the what of what is, and name it.

Nov 7, 2017

– On this “All Souls” Sunday in church, we take time to honor those who have come before us, to grieve those we have lost, and to look toward our own legacy.

Oct 23, 2017

We are a faith in which reason and spirituality go hand in hand. Join us to explore our rationally spiritual identity and practice.

Oct 16, 2017

In some other faith traditions, sharing good news is a spiritual mandate. What do you know about living well, and how do you teach that just as you are?